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Branded Entertainment Workshop

  • The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen Mockingbird House, The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham, B9 4AA England (map)

This workshop aims to inform participants about Branded Entertainment (BE) and to facilitate the potential of collaborating on BE projects.

About the Event

It is increasingly challenging for marketers to connect their messages to consumers. Consumers are exposed to marketing messages in all areas of life and are becoming increasingly resistant to established forms of advertising. Storytelling has long been understood as a valuable way of connecting to consumers and communicating key messages. This has led to the development of new ways of engaging with consumers such as branded entertainment. Branded entertainment has been defined as “the collaboration between a creative producer and a sponsoring brand in producing content that has the dual purpose of fulfilling the need to be a compelling stand-alone creative product, while serving a communications need for the collaborating brand.”

As a group of researchers who have been working in the area of marketing and consumer behaviour in film and television, we have observed the development of branded entertainment, noting the following:

  1. Developing projects that fulfil the communications objectives of brand owners while achieving the creative aims of creative producers and directors is challenging.

  2. Branded entertainment is not an extended form of advertising.

  3. When done well, branded entertainment projects can achieve creative objectives of the creative producers as well as the communications objectives of the brand and be enjoyed by audiences.

We will hold a workshop designed to showcase examples of branded entertainment where the creative content produced has legitimacy as a film, television show etc., while at the same time achieving the communications objective of the brand or organisation. The aim of the workshop is to inform participants about the potential of collaborating on branded entertainment projects. The workshop will take two hours and is open to all.

This will be followed by a project development lab, which should be applied for seperately through emailing your application to The project development lab will be open to creative producers and professionals from branding, marketing communications and sponsorship/ public relations.

The benefits of participation are the following:

  • To gain more understanding of the possibility of branded entertainment

  • To meet others interested in collaborating

  • To work through the challenges involved in developing such projects


Branded Entertainment Workshop:

The Mockingbird Cinema and Kitchen

Mockingbird House, The Custard Factory, Gibb St, Birmingham B9 4AA

Monday 29th April. 10am-12pm

  • Read more about the event by clicking here.