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There has been a huge surge in how content is viewed and engaged with since the rise of various online platforms. The need for traditional methods of marketing and communications has seen a shift, with the emergence of brands teaming up with Instagrammers, bloggers, Vbloggers, YouTubers – all under the umbrella of ‘Content Creators’.

In the last few years ‘influencer’ marketing became widely populated with a vast number of emerging amateur instagrammers, YouTubers and bloggers surfacing from their bedrooms or home offices. There was an increase in the number of content producers who landed major campaigns with some huge brands. 

It’s no longer all about YouTube, the market has seen a huge scale of online content producers take their content onto Instagram, Facebook, Twitter but mainly Instagram. Alone, Instagram ‘influencer’ economy is set to double to £1.5 billion ($2 billion in US dollars) in 2019 according to a survey by MediaKix.

What is influencer marketing?

It is the practise of partnering up with people who have an influence with your potential customers/audience. These influencers have built a loyal following on social media through online content creation, and will collaborate with brands to help them generate awareness about their product or service. Over the last several years, influencers marketing has evolved from ancillary marketing tactic to a multi-billion industry. 

The purpose of the mini lab sessions?

The mini lab sessions are designed to provide a platform where discussion and collaboration around the future of 'Online content Influencers' and the emergence of technology; can be had with professionals, established online content creators and those starting out within the screen sector and beyond. 

Date: Thursday 9th May 2019

Audience Focus: Professionals within the Screen industry, those who work in production, TV, creative organisations, possibly professionals who work in finance, education, health who would like to know more about Influencers, marketing, collaboration and business opportunities. 

Session breakdown

13.30- 14.30pm

‘The Future of Influencers’

Come and immerse yourself in a conversation around the future of the so-called ‘influencer’ emergence and how many are becoming content creators. Discuss how traditional methods of marketing and communications is shifting to brands/organisations pushing to become immersed in the trend, to connect with online creators providing a voice within their community.


Exploring the conscious effort to improve the integrity of influencer campaigns

There are a lot of challenges around ensuring that content creators/online influencers are providing content across a number of various screens i.e. TV, Online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitch – this session will focus on how brands and other organisations can learn who to work with and focus on how to ensure what is put out there is accurate and follows correct procedures. 

15.30-16.00: Drinks and Networking