WMSB building for screen renaissance

The West Midlands Screen Bureau (WMSB) is now working on innovative developments that will help the region's Creative Screen Sector to grow and thrive.

The bureau is supported by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA), Birmingham City Council, and the British Film Institute (BFI).

The bureau itself is intended to bring together the different components of the Creative Screen Sector into a coherent voice with a compelling narrative The sector includes video games, television, film, music video, Virtual Reality, online video and Augmented Reality. 

Not everyone within the individual media forms will necessarily recognise a common sectoral cause and part of the bureau’s mission will be to make the case. The merits of that case are becoming clearer by the day, and for many, the argument for a cohesive and collaborative sector was won long ago and is already yielding results

Each component part of the sector shares common goals and values, with each creating economic, cultural and social value through storytelling and audiovisual experience.

And an era of convergence has opened up new opportunities for building Intellectual Property and creating new forms of content through working collaboratively.

So the bureau mission is to:

Build the most competitive, diverse and dynamic Creative Screen Sector in the UK, exploiting the opportunities of the emerging global, converged and participatory media ecosystem.

The work will be divided into distinct activities that will come together to create the necessary momentum to drive a period of change and growth.

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The project is being led by Strategic Project Leader, Michael Gubbins, an experienced international analyst and journalist and former editor of both Screen International and Music Week. He has also been chair of Welsh screen agency Ffilm Cymru Wales for the last six years.