International Creative Clusters Report

The West Midlands Screen Bureau (WMSB) today announced the release of its latest piece of research ‘The Anatomy of a Creative Clusterinspiration from global creative initiatives’

 The work was commissioned by WMSB to analyse various creative clusters around the world to establish the factors contributing to their success in order to provide evidence and ideas for the continued growth of a thriving and future-focused screen cluster in the West Midlands.

 The research was undertaken by UK-based creative enterprise Zanna Creative and was funded through the National Lottery supported BFI Creative Clusters Challenge Fund, West Midlands Combined Authority and Birmingham City Council.

 The report analysed five creative clusters around the world that are at various stages in development against a range of cultural, economic, social and political backdrops; Abu Dhabi, Bangalore, Berlin, Mexico City and Ontario.

 The report establishes ten key recurring factors across the international clusters, including the provision of physical spaces, the use of virtual networks, dynamic leadership and the importance of cross-sector collaboration.

 The report will provide useful background intelligence for a new screen industry body which was announced by West Midlands’ Mayor Andy Street in July. The new body is chaired by industry heavyweight Ed Shedd from Deloitte and will provide industry-led strategic oversight for the West Midlands  screen sector including film, TV, games, virtual and augmented reality.

Lee Kemp, Chair of the West Midlands Screen Bureau said “This is a great piece of work, that shows how the right combination of leadership and collaboration between the public and private sectors can accelerate growth and provide an environment in which businesses working in these sectors can compete national and internationally”.

The report is available to download here.